The Kto8 Curriculum has over 600 lessons which are organized into integrated and cross-curricular lessons. The integrated lessons teach a computer skill and apply it to grade level academic content. Cross-curricular lessons teach a technology or business skill. Both types of lessons have a quiz that covers the main points of the lesson's technology or academic objective.


Lesson Structure

The K to 8 Power Technology lessons are designed to be fun, flexible, and easy to use and navigate for all students. The lessons are presented in a variety of colorful and engaging templates. Your students will quickly learn the lesson flow.

Lesson Components

  • Audio: Each lesson has an audio track that pronounces the text on each page. When the student moves forward a page or back a page the audio on the page is played automatically. If the student wants to repeat the audio they click the audio icon on the page.
  • Games: Lessons contain games that are fun but their purpose is to reinforce the lesson objectives. The students that pay attention in the lesson will do better at the games. If desired teachers can assign a version of each lesson in which the games have been deactivated.
  • Activities: The lesson activities are designed to teach a technology skill and reinforce an academic concept. At the end of the year students will have developed a portfolio of technology works.
  • Assessment: Each lesson has an assessment at the end. The student gets immediate feedback on their score and the grade is sent to the student grade book where it is available to the teacher.