The Kto8 Curriculum has over 600 lessons which are organized into integrated and cross-curricular lessons. The integrated lessons teach a computer skill and apply it to grade level academic content. Cross-curricular lessons teach a technology or business skill. Both types of lessons have a quiz that covers the main points of the lesson's technology or academic objective.


Sample Lessons

The Kto8 Curriculum has over 600 lessons. These lessons are organized into integrated and cross-curricular to maximize the effectiveness for your children. In addition to presenting and teaching a technology skill, each of these lessons has quiz that covers the main points of the lesson’s technology objective.

Lesson Grade Lesson Overview Demo Lesson Plan
Computer Components K Students will learn the five basic components of a computer system: the mouse, monitor, keyboard, CPU, and printer. Play Lesson Plan
Short A Words 1 Students will review words that have the short "a" sound: astronaut, apple, ant, animals, alligator, hat, cat, bat, and rat. Play Lesson Plan
Make Change 2 Students will learn how to count coins and bills and make change. The lesson reviews the value of a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. Play Lesson Plan
Making A Presentation 3 This lesson takes a student through the process of creating a presentation. The student learns the difference between persuasive, informative, and entertaining presentations. Play Lesson Plan
Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers 4 Students use information from a Census Bureau Web site to solve addition and subtraction problems. Students will use online sources and Excel. Play Lesson Plan
Nouns, Pronouns, and Verbs 5 Students review nouns, pronouns, and verbs. They will create PowerPoint slides to demonstrate pronoun-antecedent agreement and singular-plural verbs. Play Lesson Plan
Regular and Irregular Plurals 6 Students review the rules for regular and irregular plurals. Students learn to insert and use tables in Microsoft Word. Play Lesson Plan
Revise and Edit Writing 7 Students will review rules for capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar. They will write a story with no punctuation and edit each other's work. Play Lesson Plan
Graphs 8 This lesson reviews how to make comparisons and predictions using line, bar, circle, and picture graphs. Students create graphs with Excel from USA Today information. Play Lesson Plan